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“..Orts Dance presentation is rhythmic, dramatic sight feast"

Gene Armstrong, The Arizona Daily Star


St Teresa                   Susan Quinn

8 Minutes



Speaking Places       Anne Bunker 

28 Minutes

Inspired by the castles ancient stone circles and other "Speaking Places" of the Scottish Highlands.  Includes project video shot on location. The performance work contains three sections.  This video is of the middle section. lip


Balanced Edge        Anne Bunker 

58 Minutes

Balanced Edge is a large full evenings work that uses "multiple flying dance apparatus", original music, poetry and video projection.  An amazing, complex multi dimensional work.  Read a Preview. Read a Review.

With original music by Chuck Koesters.


"Balanced Edge is an astonishing milieu"

The Arizona Daily Star


Airborne: Meister Eckhart  Robert Davidson

60 minutes

A full evening work based on the life and writings of Meister Eckhart.  This large performance includes elaborate costumes, original music and multiple trapeze.   Read a Review.


"..dancers float  through the air, their trapezes varying slightly from  formation in natural variations, the effect is mesmerizing."

The Arizona Daily Star


Expanded View       Anne Bunker 

18 minutes

An active swinging vortex of movement, both on the floor and in the air.  With original music created and performed by Chuck Koesters


“Bodies became sculptures in action”

The Arizona Daily Star


Inclusae      Robert Davidson 

15 minutes

Excerpted from Davidson’s masterwork, Airborne: Meister Eckhart.  Dance of the Inclusae uses the single point trapeze not to fly, but to limit the range of the dancers movement in a dramatic and disturbing way.   Read a Preview.

“..far more frightening than any mere Halloween haunting”

The Arizona Daily Star

“a profoundly powerful picture of the agony and ecstasy of the life of faith”

Seattle Times


Windways      Anne Bunker 

20 minutes

A flying collaboration created with Grammy Award nominated musician R. Carlos Nakai.


“Dancers seem to emulate flocking birds with a fluid sense of community”

The Arizona Daily Star


Rapture: RUMI      Robert Davidson

58 minutes

Rumi is a full evening work inspired by the life and poetry of the Sufi Poet and Mystic RUMI.  A large and inspiring work.    Read the Review.


"Orts' powerful `Rapture Rumi' is just riveting in its strength"

The Arizona Daily Star

“…poems, many of them musing on the conflict between Lover and Beloved. Translating these poems into movement, Davidson makes their ecstasies both literal and transcendent.”


Bridging Worlds      Anne Bunker

20 minutes

An inspiring melding of Modern Dance, Aerial Dance and ancient Capoeria.

Read the Review

Best of Tucson


Shift        Joy Kellman 

30 minutes

Set on the company by Guest Choreographer Joy Kellman.  The work explores how tragedy strips people of individual identity, and how loss can serve to bring us together.  With an original score by Kevin Jones


“..a haunting, melancholy investigation of loss and longing”

The Arizona Daily Star


Migrations      Anne Bunker 

15 minutes

A work based on the history of human migration.  Sets created by Visual Artist Anne Keuper, with original music by Chuck Koesters.


“Anyone interested in new modern dance needs to see this work”

Chuck Graham, The Tucson Citizen

Koesters has on uncanny sense for what the world must have sounded like at the beginning of civilization”

The Tucson Citizen

“..A passionate ritual of life”

The Arizona Daily Star


Mercurial Origins  Anne Bunker 

8 minutes

A powerful duet work of simplicity and duality.  Original music by Steve Roach.


“Bunkers choreography balanced Zen-like lyricism with primitive ritual”

The Arizona Daily Star


Household      Anne Bunker 

20 minutes

A mixture of music, dance and spoken word, the piece is a series of vignettes about a household, a home, about children and the things that happen to them.  Featuring original music from William Eaton.


“Season opener from O-T-O is splendid entertainment”

“The five part Household was immensely charming”

“Eaton played a gorgeous multistringed lyraharp of his own design”

The Arizona daily Star


Past Reflections  Anne Bunker 

20 minutes

Reflections is a dance/video/music hyper media performance work, created with Video Artist Nancy Solomon.  Reflections combines projected video images of rock formations in Southern Utah to tide pools of the Baja peninsula with live dance performance.  With original music by Chuck Koesters


“..Gorgeous video images were combined with dance that suggested journeys through distant times”

The Tucson Weekly


“Koesters atmospheric score called to mind the gentle, ambient rhythms of composer Brian Eno’s best work”

The Arizona Daily Star


…Do us part    Jan Justis   

10 minutes

An outrageous duet, about life, love and marriage.

“a marvelous, tragicomic dissection of marriage..”

“Most memorable moment: Bunker riding her male partner as he crawled along the stage, she standing absolutely upright on his calves..”

The Tucson Weekly


We could go on and on….but I think you get the idea….


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