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Technical Requirements

Please note:  The following requirements are designed for a fully equipped professional theatre.  O-T-O Dance strives to work with presenters of all facilities to create unique and inspiring performances.  If your house does not meet these requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss other options and possibilities.

1.  General Information

The touring staff of O-T-O Dance consists of the Artistic Director, and the technical director/production manager.  We carry our own costumes, sets, props and color for lighting.  We require the sponsor to provide lighting instruments, sound reinforcement, soft goods and production crew.  We also require a dance surface that is compatible with barefoot dancing and dressing room facilities as noted below.

2.  The Theatre

Stage Dimensions:  For most productions, the company requires a standard stage size of 40 feet wide by 32 feet deep.  The minimum stage size, (for a full production) is 38 feet wide by 28 feet deep.


Stage are and dressing rooms must have an air temperature that is maintained between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit from one hour before any performance or rehearsal, through the conclusion of the performance or the rehearsal.

3.  Lighting Needs:


750 to 1 KW Ellipsoidal or equiv. FOH cove positions.

750 to 1 KW Ellipsoidal or equiv. side light/booms

Assortment of 19, 26 and 36 degree instruments for over the stage specials

8” FRZ or equiv. For color stage wash.

Other lighting hardware:

8 12 foot booms with 50 lb bases for mounting side light.

Lighting Cable:

Enough cable to circuit the light plot as supplied by O-T-O Dance

 4.  Sound

Two audio CD players that are CDR compatible.

Audio mixer with a minimum of 4 channels

Speakers and amplifiers of sufficient quality to fill the hall

2 stage monitors, (minimum) pre fader

5.  Soft Goods

5 sets of black legs pre hung to from four 7 foot wing openings

5 black borders

CYC NOTE:  Some productions require a video projection screen. Often, a white CYC will work just fine.

6.  Floor

Stage floor and backstage area must be clean and free of nails, splinters or any other protrusions that would harm the performers. The company prefers black or grey marly.

7.  Crew Load in:

The O-T-O Dance Technical Director will lead the house crew in the rigging of trapeze.  Lights can be pre hung as per the light plot we will supply in advance.  If the plot is not pre hung, we will require:

1 Fly operator.  The fly operator will be needed during the performance.  Duties shall include the flying of props and trapeze ropes.

4 Electricians.  Electricians will be used to hang, circuit and patch the over stage lighting.

1 Rigger. Rigger will work to assist the O –T-O Dance Technical Director in the rigging of trapeze and or other flying apparatus.

Running Crew will require:

1 Sound board operator

1 Light board operator

1 Fly operator

The O-T-O Dance Technical Director may, at his discression, operate the light board.  The O-T-O Dance Technical Director shall also serve as Stage Manager, calling the performance.

Load out crew will be determined by the technical director of the theatre.

8.  Dressing Rooms

Should have tables, mirrors, chairs and makeup lights for 4 women and 3 men

An area suitable for prop and costume work and ironing

Towels and shower facilities

First aid kit shall be available, including cold packs

At least 10 pounds of ice cubes should be brought backstage at least 15 minutes prior to each rehearsal and performance.

Light refreshments:  Juice, mineral water, fresh fruit, snack food, light sandwich food, ready for company dancers at call time, 3 PM rehearsal and 6 pm performance times.

For performances before 12 noon, (student matinees for example), coffee, Danish and or bagels in a continental breakfast layout must be supplied.

9.  Time needed in the theatre

Standard Call (depending on the stage crew, conditions and programming)

8 hours before the first performance

8 hours, (including spacing and light cue rehearsal)  plus a show call the day of show.

2 hours on stage before each performance

Additional Notes:

O-T-O Dance production staff must be notified in advance if the house is to be open before hour prior to the show.

Dancers must have access to the stage two hours before each performance

This document has been prepared to help the theatre technical director anticipate the needs of

O-T-O Dance.  We cannot anticipate every question or concern.  Please do not hesitate to contact Chuck Koesters with all your questions.  or by calling the ORTSPACE Studios 1 520 624 3799